Quora Ads 101: How Do They Work & Why Digital Advertisers Need Them

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Can I advertise on the Q&A Search Engine Quora?

Very much so. Quora started monetizing their Q&A site in April 2016, but since then it’s only existed in closed beta to pre-approved advertising partners.

Advertisers both large and small will be able to create text-based ads and mobile app install ads – both of which look particularly native and nonintrusive.

“Quora ads are only available on an auction basis, meaning that we require advertisers to specify a bid value they are willing to pay for a click. Based on performance and competition, our system will then determine the cost of that click, which will never be more than the bid entered by the advertiser. Budgets can be as low as just a few dollars as there are no minimum spend required to get started.”

Lorry Destainville, Head of Advertising Sales & Partnerships at Quora

In terms of targeting, advertisers can use topic targeting (which is how Quora  categorizes its Q&As) to advertise within specific topics like Science, Politics or Cryptocurrencies. You can also target by geography and platform (like desktop or mobile).

While this pales in comparison to the seemingly unlimited targeting options that Facebook gives advertisers, targeting by topic, location and platform is pretty standard for sites that don’t collect a lot of information about users.

Once advertisers target an ad, they can choose a budget which is used in a CPC (cost per click) real-time auction model. Advertisers set their CPC bid and then adjust it based on performance. Quora will also offer a conversion pixel and work with mobile attribution partners to show advertisers evidence of performance and ROI.

Rolling out a self-serve ad platform is a big day in the life of any startup that plans on monetizing via advertising. It means that they no longer have to dedicate manpower to manually sell and target ads, and advertising revenue can start to grow on its own. It’s also a necessary step to getting advertising dollars from smaller businesses, which in aggregate can actually be a meaningful impact on the bottom line.

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